Objective-C Strong and Weak

Objective-C uses Automatic Reference Counting to manage memory, but software engineers still need to worry about memory management when there are circular dependencies in your object graph. If two objects both have a strong reference to each other, ARC will not be able to dispose of those objects once the block has executed. This video will show how changing 'weak' and 'strong' keywords help us free up unused memory.

Objective-C: What is 'id'?

What is 'id' in Objective-C? The 'id' keyword in Obj-C literally means anything. Objc-C is dynamically typed unlike C++ or Java, so the type of a parameter or a return value can be any type if you use the id keyword.

Objective-C Prototypes

Ever heard of prototype oriented programming? Prototypes are essentially just interfaces or contracts that you can make your classes conform to in Objective-C.

What should I do with My Spare Time during a Pandemic?

Here are some quick thoughts on what you can do with your spare time during a Pandemic.

Objective-C Synthesize

What is @synthesize in Objective-C? The @synthesize keyword used to be required to create getters and setters in Objective-C, but is no longer needed to auto-create those getters and setters in the language. You can still use this keyword if you want to create a different backing ivar than the default implementation.

JavaScript Node.js Intro

Here is a quick intro on how to install Node.js and use it for running Javascript.

Objective-C strongSelf weakSelf

If you have been maintaining some Objective-C code you might have run into code that have references to weakSelf and strongSelf. These are used to prevent memory leaks when using blocks by changing the retain cycle.

Objective-C Blocks

This video how to use blocks in C and Objective-C code. Blocks are a very powerful feature that allows software engineers to create and use higher order methods and change application behavior at runtime.

Node js Hello, World!

An example of a very simple Node.js application that uses NPM scripts.

Do I Really Need Cordova in 2020

Cordova is a really popular framework for using web technologies in a native application. But do we really need it in 2020. Here is a quick video on how to add a WKWebView to a native application in iOS using Swift. As you will see by watching this video, you do not need to write a lot of Swift code to use a native Webview.