How to Create an Objective-C class

This video shows how to create an Objective C class in Xcode.

Objective-C Polyglot Intro

This is my intro video talking about why you might want to learn Objective-C. Objective-C was the primary development language for Apple computers and devices until recently, and because of that there is a ton of code out there that still needs to maintained.

Objective-C Methods

This video explains the difference between standard C methods and Objective-C methods.

Objective C Variables

This video describes has to create variables in Objective-C

Objective C Method Calling

This video shows how to call a method on an Objective-C object. Objective-C has its roots in C and SmallTalk. In SmallTalk you pass messages to objects, and Objective-C is based on this design feature.

Should I Learn Objective-C 2020

Should I try to learn Objective-C in 2020 instead of Swift. This video answers the reasons why you might want to learn Obj-C in 2020.

Why do some Objective-C Classes start with NS?

Why do so many Apple Objective-C Classes start with NS? Watch to find out the history of foundation classes at Apple.

Objective-C Properties

Here is a quick video showing to create Obj-C properties and how to set and use properties.

Objective-C Property Attributes

Objective-C properties have a number of different keywords that can be assigned to a property inside of parenthesis. Here is what some of those keywords mean.

What is ARC in Objective-C

ARC stands for Automatic Reference Counting, and it is the primary way we manage memory in applications written in Objective-C.